Wednesday, August 29, 2018

1.5 Weeks Through Law School

It's currently 5 am and I'm writing this as my printer is printing literally almost a hundred pages. I can now definitely conclude that law school requires a minimum of 2 hours of studying per 1 hour in class. So since I'm taking 15 units, take comes out to be about 45 hours spent either at law school or studying law. Do I read cases a little slow compared to an experienced law student? Yes. Do I try to take very detailed notes when I do the reading so I have less work come finals time? Yes. Does it take me a moment to think about hypotheticals and even longer to explain my thoughts? Yes.

You could spend less time working on your reading than I do, but I'm trying to learn everything as it comes so I'm not as overwhelmed come finals. Some people don't take this approach and they have more of a life than I do, but who knows how well they know the material? Also, since I'm a 1L baby I figure it will take a few weeks before I'm comfortable reading faster; hopefully my study time can only decrease! It's interesting because you can get away with putting in a lot less hours, but I just don't feel sufficiently prepared when I go to class. As of now, it takes me about 2 hours to finish the reading I have for one class for just one day of that class. Put hypothetical essays on top of that and legal writing assignments, and you got yourself a full work week!

I've had a few issues regarding making a study schedule that works and am trying an early morning schedule this week (lol). If it works out well I'll let you all know what I did.

On to the more fun things about law school! The people at my school all seem genuinely nice and it didn't take very long to fall into a niche with a group of girls in my section. We all regularly study together and no one seems overly competitive (at least not yet). Some people stick to themselves and just study all day long, but I wanted to make friends so I made sure to "put myself out there." Last Friday, we all went to Bar Review, which is just where everyone goes to a bar and drinks. It was really fun! A group of 1Ls all got together before going to the Bar and had a mini party. I don't normally like to go out, but I highly recommend going to events your first few weeks to make friends and get more comfortable with you cohort.

I'll let you all know how this week goes!

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